Aquarius Dive Shop iPhone App

I have made an official iPhone app for Aquarius Dive Shop in monterey CA. I also happen to be a divemaster with them, so you know… let’s go diving!

The App can be found in the Apple App Store, here.

Aerobatic Flight Video

Super Decathlon Stunt Ride from Brandon Bianchi on Vimeo.

For Christmas I received an aerobatic ride in a Super Decathlon from my wife. This video is my adventure from the flight that occurred December 29th 2011 at the Watsonville, CA airport. We managed to make it to 4G’s as well! A big thanks to Specialized Helicopters for such a fun trip, and Mary Macdonald for being such a great pilot!

This was filmed with my GoPro HERO2 (my first video with a GoPro) that was mounted on my forehead. (This is the 1080p version)

The song is The Glitch Mob – Fortune Days

Something New is Coming

I have had this idea for the longest time but I have never acted on it. I was thinking about it again last night and I realized that this domain and site were not appropriate for what it is that I want to discuss. That being said I am working on a new site. I tend to do this a lot, but this time I want to actually follow through! 😉

Once the site is ready I will post an announcement here as well as promo it through facebook!

Still Alive…

Oh wow, I have done a really bad job at updating my dive blog. In my defense recently the majority of my diving has been as a divemaster. While it might be interesting to read about some of the experiences during those dives there really isn’t much to say. Ill give a quick recap:

* Lots of open water classes, mostly in the pool
* Helped with the Monterey DUI DOG Days the past 2 years
* Taken out several tours

I did get to do a fun dive last week with James and it was amazing. Went out to South Monastery and did a really long, deep, limit pushing dive. Was a lot of fun and felt great. Reminded me that I certainly need to get out and do that more often. Problem is I need more dive buddies again!

iPad… The gigantic iPhone

I’ve been playing with my iPad a lot lately. It works like a champ tethered to Verizon too. Today I was curious if it would work with Skype or something like it and make VoIP calls. I snagged Fring and gave it a try! Guess what? It works!

I just called my Mom to try it out and she laughed at me. I’ll have to let it tether and walk around with it on my head talking on it like its a giant iPhone.

Now if it only had iOS 4…